The NLP Cookbook – Fran Burgess

ISBN 978 184590733-4  Crown House Publishing Ltd

The NLP CookbookThe NLP Cookbook is a collection of 50 NLP Techniques developed and adapted by Fran Burgess. The techniques themselves are aimed at NLP Coaches, Trainers, Therapists and Personal Explorers.

Each technique has step by step guidelines together with an idea of the application area and the time it may take to complete.

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Published by Crown House Publishing and available now.

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Robert Dilts

"This innovative book by Fran Burgess has been long due in the field of NLP. Fran has put together 50 simple but powerful strategies that can concretely enrich your life in a variety of areas. These 'recipes' show off some of the best that NLP has to offer. Well written, creative and pragmatic, the Experience Cookbook is a valuable resource for both newcomers and NLP experts alike."
Robert Dilts NLP Developer, Author and Trainer

Judith DeLozier

“From soup to nuts, from deepest calling to Imagineering a positive future, from problem solving to a generative life, Fran has created a recipe for thriving in the big stew of our experience. She has created a very useful addition to the field of literature in the NLP world.”
Judith DeLozier Author and co-developer of NLP

Stephen Gilligan Phd

"In the early days of NLP, our lives were devoted to exploring the many possibilities of consciousness and change. I wish we had possessed a guidebook like this, as it offers so many interesting suggestions for creating new choices and outcomes. Fran Burgess has compiled so many delectable recipes, you're almost tempted to eat the menu!"
Stephen Gilligan Author, The Hero's Journey

David Gordon

This book is Fran, through and through. Like a diamond, she absorbs the layered light of experience and then gives it back to us, sparkling in a hundred new forms. The result? We are both delighted and enlightened.
David Gordon Co Author: Therapeutic Patterns of Milton H. Erickson, and Expanding Your World

James Lawley

Wow, a book with 50 new techniques that puts the Explorer at the centre of every process. It is presented in a lively, easy-to- understand format that will appeal to beginners and the experienced practitioner alike. But that's not all. For the serious student of NLP, Fran Burgess reveals the secret that enabled her to create these and an unlimited number of recipes. This fresh approach to NLP stimulated my taste buds, left me feeling well-fed, and wishing cookbooks were awarded Michelin stars.
James Lawley Co-author, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation through Symbolic Modelling

Judith Lowe

Fran Burgess's exuberant and colourful NLP Cookbook serves up personal creativity and adventure as the delectable main dish for a more experientially acquired NLP. The recipes include advanced technical know-how as well as games, visions, mentors, collages and even dancing - NLP as an embodied and systemic art, imaginative and skill-based.
It's a feast for all the senses and in particular contains the subtle ingredients for a deepening of self-belief, inner resourcefulness and wisdom. A lovely, unique book and a delicious treat for anyone developing their NLP practice with gusto!
Judith Lowe NLP Trainer, PPD Learning Ltd, London

Sally Ashworth

The NLP Cookbook represents years of modelling. Fran has condensed these years of knowledge and experience into the recipes of the Cookbook and has produced a piece of wisdom, which has benefits for the novice, the expert and all those between.
From the first page the facilitator is encouraged to stand back and let the client own the space and the change. As such it makes an valuable philosophical statement in today’s world of NLP.
Sally Ashworth UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and past Chair of NLPtCA

Sally Vanson

This book is absolutely fabulous, full of goodies for the NLP novice as well as an experienced NLP Trainer or Researcher and all who find themselves in between. It is a delightful book to dip in and out of. The mix of metaphor is simple and universal.
I love the values that come through, the lack of ego and the choice that is given to the reader and thank you so much for all the referencing – I do get mad when writers don’t reference their source.
I heartily recommend it to all who are applying their NLP learning both to themselves and their clients and especially to anyone exploring their own life journey.
Sally Vanson NLP Trainer and Director of post graduate NLP programmes

Shelle Rose Charvet

“Fran Burgess has created a marvellous compendium that NLPers will want to have around as a reference for problem-solving and generating ideas. I love this cook book!”
Author of The Customer is Bothering Me and co-editor of Innovations in NLP