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From our Trainer and Psychotherapy trainings , we know that post Master Practitioners are ready to improve their NLP Tradecraft. Creativity, quality and originality is our hallmark and we are proud to make this available to you, through our Club Membership.  These 100+ exercises many with Powerpoint slides have been tested in over 35 20-day Practitioner trainings.  They work!  And then continuing The NLP Cookbook success, here’s another 30 BRAND NEW techniques.   All this and other benefits too. Everything here is FREE!  With experienced NLP eyes, these vast resources have been selected with your customers in mind.  Using our 30 years in NLP, these stories, quotes, and poems, quizzes, riddles and videos will support your professional NLP activities AND save you so much time in the process.

Updated monthly so check in to see what’s new in store!